Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Way to Happiness eBook get delivered to the recipient?

The recipient is sent an email which contains a unique link to our eBook Download page.

How will I know if a recipient gets the eBook I sent?

When a recipient downloads the eBook we will notify you by email.
Note: It’s possible that your email provider will put the message in your email spam folder.

Why didn’t the recipient receive the eBook I sent?

  1. The recipient hasn’t downloaded the eBook.
  2. The recipient’s email address entered into the form was incorrect or no longer active.
  3. The email went into the recipient’s email spam folder and was not seen by the recipient.

How can you possibly give all of these eBooks away free of charge?

Individuals who support sharing The Way to Happiness book with others make donations to this project. Nobody is required to donate in order to use our website and there are no restrictions on the number of times you may send the eBook.

Are donations to this project tax deductible?

Yes, any donations that you make are 100% tax deductible in the USA. The eBook Project is funded by donations made to The Way to Happiness Foundation International, a non-profit, public benefit corporation.

How can I make a donation?

Go to our Donate Page where you can make a one time or recurring donation using a credit or debit card.

Make a Donation

What will you do with my personal contact information?

From time to time we may text or email you to encourage you to share more copies of The Way to Happiness eBook. The Way to Happiness Foundation International prints customized books and provides other products and services and we may alert you concerning these. Donations are very appreciated and we might ask you to make a contribution. You may ask off the emails or texts at any time and we will remove you from our subscription lists.

Will you contact the people I send the eBook to?

We won’t send recipients of the eBook any further communication unless they return to the site and use it to send The Way to Happiness eBook to others. When a person uses our website, they agree to receive further communications. Again, anyone can opt-out of these communications at any time.